P-Laser company profile

P-Laser company profile

Belgium technology available for the Greek market 

P-LASER (www.P-Laser.com) is a small but fast growing Belgium company. The owner and founder, J.C. Philippron, has more then 30 years experience in industrial cleaning and paint stripping, using all the conventional technologies as ice and sand blasting, grinding, chemical peeling etc...

Because of the high potentials benefits in the niche market of LASER CLEANING, he decided to focus on the development and sales of these laser cleaning systems.


P-laser in Belgium now works with distributors over the entire world and the number of representatives is still growing every day.  P-LaserGreece started in August  2017 with the distribution, sales and services in Greece.



P-Laser is constantly developing new applications and upgrades in order to stay ahead of competition and to better serve its customers. Customers bring new industrial applications continuously. Here for P-Laser has its own R&D department.

The development of compact and reliable Pulsed-Lasers with very high frequency have contributed to the progress laser cleaning has made.

       P-Laser offers different laser types at different power levels

One type of lasers is more adequate for deep cleaning, able to enter into the pores and cracks of the materials like moulds, weld cleaning and NDT.

  • Recent developments to increase frequencies to ultra high frequency it becomes possible to limit the interaction with the substrate surface. On the other hand the energy output of  lasers has increased and made it able to increase the speed of cleaning.
  • P-Laser developed I&C controls with patterned software (clean sweep) that directs the laser light beam and produces different 2D light patterns (more then 250 pattern available). These patterns assure that the interaction with the coating is optimized and the impact on the base metal is minimized.

  High speed industrial cleaning

  • Recent developments increased the laser-output to very high levels. In order to keep the interaction with the base metal under control 
  • Ultra fast Laser scanner heads are developed to increase the speed of the cleaning so that these lasers can be integrated into industrial process lines (metal industries)
  • P-Laser as developed different flexible fiber lengths depending on the laser type and your application.
  • A handgun with mounted vacuum cleaner assures that the dust produced during the cleaning is immediately evacuated near the surface. 


         Manual scanner head produces 2D light patterns.

Lasers are now so compact that they can be integrated into mobile units and be used everywhere in the factory. This is very interesting for use in difficult to access areas like internals of ships and factories.

P-Laser facilities in Belgium 


P-Laser recently moved to a bigger facility in Belgium that allows them grow and accommodate their production and testing facilities. 


Lochtemanweg 88

3550 Heusden-Zolder


P-Laser is able to set up serving companies in different countries, please contact us for your inquiry.



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