STRIPPING coating, paints, polymers layers, top coats, even cable stripping can be done very efficient with P-Laser technology.

1- Paint stripping (inline)

Integration of P-Laser systems in the operational line instead of stripping the line of paint at regular intervals can result in big COST SAVINGs:

  • Outsourcing the cleaning operation to clean paint jigs is the traditional method. This starts a chain of cost aspects such as : extra set of jigs, taking out and putting back in the jigs, repair costs due to transport deformations, startup defaults, product defects and extra dust.
  • Huge cost gains can be made a by stable paint-process. Lasers are the state of art 'lean manufacturing' tools to get rid of  the  costly "after process quality control". The quality must be optimal and stable trough the entire production process, P-Laser Cleaning perfectly suits the demands to perform as an outstanding cost saving tool. 


  • By integrating several laser ' cleaning stations' in your paint system you can delay the outsourcing significantly. The electrical contact points will remain clean, no matter how many cycles the carriage has been through. 
  • Lasers are compact and have a low opex in the range 1/12 against traditional techniques (energy,maintenance). With the quality improvements and stable process layout the the general opex of your paint process will be lower.


P-Laser type 1 lasers are very effective in cleaning and the high frequence pulsed laser sources are effective in cleaning organics.

Since there is no contact witht the base metal, the life time of the parts is not effected.


2- airplane stripping

Airplanes need regular repainting. Paint is then removed with chemicals, an exensive and dangerous operation. 

The chemical attack the base metal so the life time of the plane parts is limited. Also other parts as bolds could be attacked.

Smaller airplanes ( military ) have been stripped with lasers. The advantage is the speed (automized, no base metal attack and no impact on the lifetime, no environmental cost.... )

3- Floor stripping

In nuclear decommissioning projects, the floor paint is ofter contaminated. Scablers are used butcreate a lot of secondary waste.Now laser cleaning can offer big advantages. Small layers can be peeled off. The removed tickness can be set in advance.

The amount of radioactive waste is thus reduced signifantly resulting in big savings.



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