P-Laser / who are we?

P-Laser / who are we?

Our mission is to introduce Proven-innovative-technologies from West-European countries (Belgium, Germany, etc..) into the Greek Market.

Thanks to my long experience in the "Utilities-business" as a customer (see consultancy), I can understand my customers problems much better then a pure sales agent. Your competitive advantage is my challenge.

Half based in Greece and half in Belgium my team is able to assure a smooth collaboration between the Greek customers and the West European manufacturers.

Rudi Saelens

Our team:

Rudi Saelens: sales representative for P-LASER.COM in Greece and owner of RUDIMENTAL. More then 30 year experience in "utilities" -  power plants, Oil & Gas, Nuclear, electricity and grids.

John Lamprakis my Greek collegue, more then 15 years experience in power plants and living in the area around Athens.  Together we look for customer solutions for laser cleaning in the Greek market and we distribute the products and systems for P-Laser.

Jean Claude Philippron, "owner" of P-Laser.be in Belgium. Jean Claude has more then 30 years experience in the market of industrial cleaning and stripping.

Contact details;

Rudi.Saelens@me.com       JCL.Lamprakis@gmail.com

tel +32 478 652 230          tel: +30 697 369 2597

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